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Official notification for implementing Gold and Silver Awards Ceremony for 2018 AI Application Products

For facilitating public attention to artificial intelligence, enhancing popularity of AI brands, promoting cutting-edge AI technology, broadening AI products' marketing channel and accelerating the development of AI industry, awarding event for 2018 Global AI Product Application " will be held and more information is below:

1、Selection Object

(1) AI products or one or more artificial intelligence technologies are applied in production;

(2) Listed AI products or qualified any application conditions;

(3) Any AI products that contribute to social economy and public wellbeing.

2、Process and Method

(1) The selection process contains online application, network voting, expert review and awarding ceremony.  

(2) The selection method is based on the results of network voting and expert review. Specifically, the organizing committee will invite the public as well as AI product users and consumers to participate in the online voting that carried out on well-known media; Simultaneously, experts of AI domain、technological experts and authoritative technological consultation experts will be involved in appraising and selecting for the final awarding results.  

3、Incentive Measure

(1) Gold and silver awards is set for the event; Trophies and certificates will be presented at the awarding ceremony;

(2) Products that participate in the selection will be publicized by well- known media;  

(3) The award-winning products will be emphatically promoted over the expo session and be displayed in famous public places e.g. Suzhou Center、Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre and SIP AI Centre. Moreover, priority will be conferred to demonstrating the application in Suzhou Industrial Park.  


4、Deadline and Requirement

(1) Deadline for online application: before 28th February 2018. The network voting and expert review will start right after the deadline.

(2) The Application Form can be downloaded on this website.

(3) All the information of your AI products is welcomed to be sent to mailbox of the Secretariat contacts. On the other hand, two set of hard copy must be sent to the “GAIPAE Organizing Committee” secretariat address as below.


Contact: Shuping Chen

Tel: 0512-66681613

E-mail: chensp@sipac.gov.cn

Address: 16th Floor, Xiandai Building, No.999 Xiandai Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou.

GAIPAE Organizing Committee

30th November 2017

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The GAIPAE Secretariat

Address:1626,16th Floor,Xiandai Building,No.999 Xiandai Avenue,Suzhou Industrial Park,Suzhou.

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