In recent years, with the intergrowth of Internet, cloud computing, big data, deep learning and brain science, artificial intelligence (abbr. as AI) frontiers continue to make new technological breakthroughs. It has been widely infiltrated into industries such as education, health care, finance, transportation and smart city. European and American countries have integrated artificial intelligence from technology, industry and legislation, and the AI industry has been developing unprecedentedly and facing the opportunities of the era.

"Artificial intelligence" was first written into the work report of the prime minister's government, and artificial intelligence was formally entered into the national strategy in March 2017 while in March 22nd, Suzhou Industrial Park released the artificial intelligence industry development plan of action for five years and some development suggestions, which is the first layout of artificial intelligence industry to create artificial intelligence industry leading domestic and international center, national public service platform for artificial intelligence and industry innovation center.

In order to promote the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and its related industries, based upon big data and cloud computing, and to propel AI application in the realm of intelligent manufacturing, software and hardware terminals and service industries, Suzhou Municipal People's Government is going to hold “2018 Global Artificial Intelligence Product Application Expo” (abbr. as “GAIPAE”).

The first GAIPAE will be held from 10th to 12th of May 2018 in Suzhou International Expo Center. As an international high level artificial intelligence professional Expo, GAIPAE is guided by nation relevant ministries and commissions and People's Government of Jiangsu Province, sponsored by Suzhou Municipal People's Government and organized by Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee. The Expo has attracted Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), Microsoft, iFLYTEK and other professional societies, research institutes, well-known enterprises as strategic partners or co-organizers.

With the theme of "Smart Experience, Smart Living”,the Expo is gathering the advanced AI products provided by experts, scholars and related enterprises or teams at home and abroad, showing AI brand enterprises, intelligent healthcare, intelligent security, smart home, intelligent education, intelligent transportation, smart living, service robot, unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV), intelligent manufacturing and other intelligent products in a brand new form.

An artificial intelligence international communication exhibition platform will be built through a professional exhibition, a keynote speech, an authoritative award, a number of sub forums and other supporting activities. This exhibition aims to showcase the best of both local and overseas AI applications, provide a platform for professional exchanges at the forums and recognize the best AI industry leaders and technologies at our awards ceremony.

Focusing on the frontiers of intelligence and creating a way for development. GAIPAE is committed to building the global AI platform for scientific and technological achievements, the industrial cluster platform for investment and financing docking, so as to promote the global interoperability of AI resources, the scale development of AI industry, and eventually expand the international influence of AI of China.

1.Title and Theme


b)Theme: Smart Experience, Smart Living

2.Time and Venue

a)Time: 10th – 12th May 2018

b)Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center

3.Organization Structure

a)Guiding organization

Nation relevant ministries and commissions People's Government of Jiangsu Province

b) Sponsor

Suzhou Municipal People's Government


Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee

d)Strategic Partners

Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence CYZone


Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)、Institute of artificial intelligence of Shanghai Jiao Tong University、Microsoft、HUAWEI、SIEMENS、iFLYTEK、AISpeech etc.







Opening Ceremony,
Award Ceremony,Keynote Speech

10th May




Official Oration


Gold and Silver Awards Ceremony for 2018 Global AI Application Products


Publication of China AI Innovation Top 50 List and Award Ceremony


Keynote Speech


Release of the White Paper of 2018 China AI

Sub Forums

10th May


Sub Forums

11th May




10th–12th May



5.Participation Value

High level participation – Representatives from various national authorities will be present to build a first-class artificial intelligence promotion platform.

International perspective – Globally leading intelligent enterprises gather and bring together up-to-the-minute smart application products.

Congregation of experts - Top AI experts get together to explore cutting-edge technology in the field of AI industry.

Authoritative awards - AI awards will be promulgated at the award banquet to share the cutting-edge achievements of AI industry.

Strong media exposure - Participation of more than 50 authoritative media agencies to provide comprehensive online and offline publicity.

6.Exhibition Arrangement

a)Time Schedule

Exhibition Preparation: 09:00-17:00 7th - 9th May

Opening Time: 09:00-17:00 10th - 12th May

Exhibition Dismantling: 17:00 - 24:00 12th May

b)Exhibition Content

i.AI Brand Enterprises

ii.Intelligent Education

iii.Intelligent Finance

iv.Intelligent Network Car

v.Service Robot

vi.Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV)

vii.Smart Home

viii.Intelligent Health Care

ix.Scientific Research Institute & Incubator

x.Voice Interaction Translation System

xi.Image Recognition

xii.Core Base Layer

xiii.Intelligent Manufacturing

7.Participants & Visitors

a)Experts from Institutes and Associations in the field of artificial intelligence from at home and abroad; Chinese researchers in the field of artificial intelligence, computers, electronics, communications, information engineering, electrical and automation, intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0, etc.

b)Chinese AI software and hardware companies, intelligent manufacturing enterprises, representative of high-tech enterprises and SMEs, representative of financing institutions and public creative space, distributors, purchasers and suppliers from various industry chains.


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