Regional Advantage

Suzhou International Expo Center is located in the north of Jinji Lake water corridor of SIP,covers an area of 188,000 and 600 square meters,of which the total planned area is 255,000 square meters.The overall construction was divided into two phases.The first phase completed the construction area of 185,000 square meters,including 70,000 square meters of exhibition halls,9,500 square meters of conference halls and 3,5000 square meters of outdoor squares.

Supporting Facility

There are 8 indoor exhibition halls.The exhibition area is 70,000 square meters and the outdoor square area is 140,000 square meters.The exhibition hall is 12 meters high.The exhibition hall of first floor is 10 meters high, bearing 5 tons per square meter.The column spacing is 18*27 meters;The exhibition hall of second floor which is non-column continuous exhibition hall is 12 meters high,bearing 1.5 tons per square meter.The outdoor square consists of Lakeside Plaza and Central Plaza,providing 1,500 car parking spaces.

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